Hi! I’m Pratibha, founder of Coach4Parenting. I take a practical, positive approach to parenting – which means no added stress, guilt or pressure. Just straightforward, realistic, and research-based strategies to help you parent through these challenges with confidence!

If you can relate to the below statements, I’m here to help with Coach4Parenting

  •  I’m repeating myself a thousand times a day. It feels like the kids don’t hear me unless I yell.
  •  My kids are constantly fighting with each other and arguing with me. It’s a never-ending struggle
  • How can I cherish my daughter who seems to be depressed?
  • How can I make my daughter more confident?

Parent coaching is designed to help you parent from a new perspective; to find ways to parent calmly, actively connect with your kids, and teach them to make good choices (without using timeouts, threats or bribes).

We inspire and prepare parents with resources such that their stress does not lead to a power struggle with the children. Coach4Parenting works with a vision of making both the parents and children gain a perspective which helps them feel relaxed and enables them with simple yet powerful tools to nourish harmonious, fulfilling and liberating relationships.

After all, happy parents make happy children!


School –

Is the school curriculum totally equipped for a child’s emotional growth?

Is it only the school’s responsibility or do you think parents need to be more involved in

the school’s curriculum?

Coach4Parenting steps-in to systematically bridge this gap and establish a developmental connect with the parents, children and the teachers in order to create tangible and sustainable results for your institution.

Our mission while working with schools is to ensure that the schools and parents work in sync for the overall growth of the child and the environment in school.

Even one disturbed child can affect the whole class.

Adopting Coach4Parenting as a part of the curriculum will help transform:

  •  the troublemakers into more disciplined ones
  • the depressed ones into more cheerful ones
  • the inactive ones into active ones
  • the hyper ones into calmer ones

We help create an atmosphere where teachers can begin to set limits PEACEFULLY devoid of harsh punishments.

With consistent coaching, we have helped many schools address the prevalent issues of discipline and attitude management, dealing with problem children and special attention children, progressive development of all children at large and build healthy teacher-parent rapport.


Under the term ‘new age parents’ I would like to include all those parents who fall between 30 to 50 years of age. Why so? Because this is the age group that has grown up in the ‘transition phase’ where the world moved to being largely dependent on technology and electronic media – from computers to pagers to mobile phones, to laptops, tablets, and Smartphones. This age group has seen the best and worst of both the eras.

They are in constant struggle to give what they have received and to give what they currently are supposed to. A constant struggle to be a better parent, not be guilty and raise happy and successful children is a part of their lives.

In doing so, they face an increasing number of challenges and constantly driven with a passion of wanting to be a better parent, and sometimes overlook the fact that the pressure they put on themselves and on their children, or their approach towards

present-day parenting maybe completely wrong. In this circus of striking the balance,

some parents have real-time difficulty dealing with children, and especially teenagers – how to imbibe respect, empathy, love and give the children a glimpse of genuine relationship building over E- relationships.

A coach, a parenting specialist helps this struggle to form a structured approach, it might not be an easy journey which parenting is not anyway, but with a guided assistance their parenting journey becomes very easy. A parenting coach helps parents to identify what they must do and what they need to stop doing.

Parents – Children

Is the relationship between a parent and a child same throughout?

The answer to that question is NO. The journey of parenting has many folds and challenges starting from the birth of the child, till the time the child is independent physically, financially and emotionally. It’s a long and strenuous journey for parents, full of doubts, a million questions, frustrations, social pressures and with very less support from others.

Are parents equipped to deal with the different stages that their children go through?

What are the mistakes parents make unknowingly leaving their relationship with the child scarred forever? What are the common don’ts that seem so obvious but are not so obvious when the time comes to integrate those in your parenting style?

If as a parent you want your child to be successful, happy and content, you have to take the right action, in the right direction and at the right time. Investing time in learning those parenting tools and techniques will make parenting a cakewalk for you.

It would be only apt to say that most parents apply the same parenting techniques that they subconsciously got from their parents. The twist here, however, is that the times have drastically changed – yes, from our lifestyles to the competition, to the survival tactics right down to the way we eat or work.

This demands a completely new school of thought and action in term of child-friendly parenting, which mostly omits dominating parenting.

Coach4Parenting has kept all the needs that the new age parents, millennial and the Linkster Generation has and designed  programs and workshops which brings together the values and belief system with the new schools of thoughts.

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