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  • Coach 4 Parenting is where you will get all the answers for your parenting challenges. We work tirelessly to ensure that parenting is more joyful and satisfying for you as a parent.

    We empower parents with some amazing skilled parenting tools as alternatives to nagging, yelling, punishing and dominant parenting. With our tools parents will be parents without the stress, challenges and constant worrying of bringing up happy and positive children.

    Coach4Parenting is the brainchild of Pratibha Kashyap Tekwani – a Licensed Transformation & Life Coach (Academy of Coaches – London). She specializes in Parenting and Child Behaviour.

  • You would book a session if your answer to any of the following questions is a YES!

    Do your children drive you crazy?

    Do you often feel guilty as a parent?

    Do you think a lot about giving values and integrity to your child?

    Does your frustration as a parent reflects in your other relationships?

    Do you want your children to be happy and successful in future?

    Do you often think about your life before being a parent?

    Do you lose patience with your loved ones?

    Do you want to know the biggest mistakes in parenting?

    If you want to know how to deal with children when they are totally running your life?

  • Expect nothing. Why expect, when we exceed your expectations!
    We empower parents to incorporate playful and skilled parenting tools as alternatives to nagging, yelling, punishing and dominant parenting. How can you create a space of trust and cooperation so that your children will do the right thing even when you are not around? How can you ensure that the personality differences don’t create regretful consequences in your family and you create valuable relationships with your children that stand true even in the long term?

  • Right from the first session!

    In fact, why even the first session?

    The first result you see is the good decision you made to seek a licensed and a specialized coach who understands your challenges better than you

  • Are you anxious about this?

    Are you unknowingly projecting this anxiety onto your child through your thoughts, words and actions?

    Let’s find out… Book a 1-1 complimentary session.

    (Un)Statutory Warning: Beware. Anxiety is highly contagious, especially for children. Store it in cool environment and keep it away from children.

  • Are you happy right now with your daily struggles of parenting?

    As we believe – Happy parents make happy children!

    Coach4Parenting is here to make parenting a more happy journey, where parents feel empowered, joyous and transformed.

    Children often mirror parents and with the parenting tools parents have all the abilities to ensure happy children.

    Here’s to Happy Parenting ?

    Are you ready to be happier?

  • When you are counselling you are not coaching
    But when you are coaching you are also counselling.
    Coaching is a tool which empowers you and your children to be solution driven instead of being problem driven.
    Don’t get it? Book and find out ?
    Book the first free 1-1 “parenting session”.

  • It depends on your comfort level and need of the hour. However, what needs to be present for sure is your consistent commitment, will power and the passion for being a better parent, which we believe is what brought you here in the first place ?

  • I will be asking a question back here. What is life in a long run? Are we sure about tomorrow?

    In long run it doesn’t really matter how things shape up, what matters is how you deal with what’s happening right now!

    What really matters is how we make our children feel right now, not just physically but emotionally. How are we contributing in making our children independent with not just their day to day needs but also their emotional needs? That’s what will only matter in the long run!

    And if you are currently being a better parent then your child will be a better adult tomorrow.

    Transformations don’t take place in days and they don’t leave for years!

  • Do you want a better paying job?

    Do you want an updated version of your mobile phone?

    Do you want better interiors?

    Don’t you always want to go to a new place for a vacation?

    Well then, why not better parenting?!

    If you have the passion to raise successful, compassionate children, and in order to do so, if you want to enable yourself with simple yet powerful tools to nourish harmonious, fulfilling and liberating relationships, you will not think twice ?

  • Yes, after all prevention is better than cure, isn’t it?

  • Yes, on popular demand, owing to today’s time constraints, given the busy schedules, we do take online sessions, and also telephonic sessions. We do take face to face session at our clinics currently based out of Gurgaon.

    Now nothing can keep you away from “Happy Parenting”. Cheers!

  • Click on the link below and book a slot right away! And then you can sit and relax your nerves on how to deal with your children because we will be taking it from here. Together we make parenting nothing less than a cakewalk for you