Co –Parenting is the answer to new age parenting worries

Co –Parenting is the answer to new age parenting worries

Co –Parenting is the answer to new age parenting worries…
5 key benefits of Co-parenting to raise self reliant and happy children.

1. Children have a sense of security and reduced stress- When parents work together and show
how conflicts can be resolved amicably it instils as sense of stability and relationship for children.
They don’t feel they have to choose one parent and they can still live their life with both. Young
children also at times blame themselves for separation but when they see maturity, love and
respect they develop skills for adulthood.
2. Children learn respectful conflict resolution skills – Seeing their parents work together and
resolve conflicts children learn those skills at an early age and work out difficult situations later in
life with ease.
3. Children have better relationship with each parent. – With reduced stress and more stability
children tend to communicate better with both the parents. Parenting becomes much simpler and
less of a task
4. Children don’t show extreme behaviour challenges when both the parents are involved in
raising children – experts say that co-parenting decreases the risk of teens being exposed and
addicted to drugs, alcohol and smoking at an early age.
5. Parents live a much better life as co-parents- Parents who Co-Parent have smoother lives, with
less tension, less conflict, fewer problems, and more time to focus on more fun with their children.
Families get to remain in the area of safety and comfort instead of stress and anxiety. Children
grow and have a very positive outlook towards other relationships and the world ahead.

Separation is hard on parents – many couple only choose divorce if the conflicts haven’t been
leading to decisions. Separating from a partner with whom you have had children is a significant life
change and calls for a lot of your time in resolving legal processes, financial changes and the
emotional turmoil both the partners go through. Children usually are affected the most and learn
from their parents by example. When parents show strength and acceptance in resolving conflicts,
children acquire a sense of responsibility and stability. Healthy separation leading to Co-parenting
promotes strong and happier children.

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