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Coach4Parenting is the brainchild of renowned master coach Pratibha Kashyap Tekwani, who specialises in Child Behavior Modulation and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

At Coach4Parenting, we believe that every small step taken in parenting can translate into massive positive changes for the entire family. Such is the belief we hold and deliver to every parent, child and family who has been associated with us year after year.

Over the years, we researched commonly encountered problems in 21st century parenting. It is surprising how acknowledging the smallest of your actions and working on them can totally transform your experience as a parent.

We enable parents to be happy individuals, irrespective of situations which contribute in reinventing a child’s self -esteem and confidence. After conducting workshops and one-on-one sessions with hundreds of parents and children, we designed our programs and sessions in a way that becoming a better parent is just a matter of taking a call and stepping up.

Coach4Parenting aims at the core, which is family. Family is all about maintaining healthy relationships, parenting is learning to have healthy relationships with our kids to ensure mutual love and respect. The relationships that we carry, establishes the health of our family. When we work at keeping our primary relationships strong and healthy, we also provide a foundation for the people who matter to us enabling them to be the best parent their child needs.